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The Quarrymen’s first public performance was either on 22nd June 1957 (Rosebery Street) or 6th July 1957 (St. Peter’s Church, Woolton).  Which was it?

The notion that one of those two performances was the first public performance by the Quarrymen is clearly mistaken.  And seems to have emanated from John at a time in the early 1960s when those were simply the most memorable early Quarrymen shows that came to mind.  They are certainly the first two shows from which photographs have surfaced – so they were naturally the gigs that came to mind when John was first asked for his recollections of the early Quarrymen days.

Performances by the Quarrymen that the other founding members (especially Rod) recall as taking place BEFORE the Rosebery Street (22nd June 1957) and St. Peter’s Church (6th July 1957) events include shows at these venues - (not listed in any particular order):

St Peter’s Youth Club

The Holyoake Hall, Penny Lane

St Barnabas’ Church Hall, Penny Lane,

Lee Park Golf Club,

Quarry Bank School Dance,

Locarno Ballroom Skiffle competition,

Carroll Levis Discoveries Show at the Liverpool Empire

And several appearances at the Cavern.