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UPDATED Oct 2016

Quarrymen in London:

      On Monday 6 May the Quarrymen played a gig at the St James Theatre Studio in London to celebrate the London premiere of a play about John Lennon, “And in the End” by award winning American author Sandy Marshall. During the sound check the “Evening Standard” sent along a photographer to take some shots of Val Pelka, the actor playing Lennon, in costume and on stage with the Quarrymen which featured in the newspaper the following day
       The lineup was an unusual one for the Quarrymen in that whilst Len Garry, John Duff Lowe and Rod Davis were there, drummer Colin Hanton was recovering from an operation on his shoulder and so David Stark and Marko Laver, both members of the “Trembling Wilburys”, sat in on drums and bass respectively and risked their musical credentials! It turned out to be a great gig with a very appreciative audience in a superb venue
   Val Pelka also took the stage in his Lennon outfit, and so convincing he looked that many of the audience made the decision there and then to go and see him in the play.

Thanks to author Sandy Marshall for organising the evening.

Some Youtube video of the gig:

Puttin’ on the style:

That’ll be the day:

In spite of all the danger:

  • CLICK HERE for a review of the play by Beatles’ Expert Richard Porter.

Author Sandy Marshall with actor Val Pelka

L - R: Len Garry, David Stark, Rod Davis & Marko Laver (Duff Lowe out of shot behind grand piano!)

Val Pelka as John Lennon

The band with Val & author Sandy Marshall