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UPDATED Oct 2023

M & S Bank Arena Liverpool, Sat 30 Sep

The Merseybeatles asked the Quarrymen to appear on their huge Homecoming gig at  the M & S Bank Arena in Liverpool on Saturday 30 September! Together with the Merseybeatles’ good friend, Edward Rhodes, the Quarrymen opened the show. It was great to be playing again in our home town on the same bill as such a marvellous Beatles Tribute band as the Merseybeatles. It was our third appearance at the Arena, this time the lineup was Colin Hanton, Rod Davis, David Bedford and Henry Duff Lowe, son of John, on keyboards;

Our thanks to Dave Nelson for the great photos!

QM 2
Rod 2 Col final 2
David final 2
Henry final 2
Group 2

The Merseybeatles, the Quarrymen & Ed Rhodes

The Quarrymen & the Rattles:

On Friday September 15 the Quarrymen  -  lineup -  Colin Hanton, Rod Davis and guest bassist/guitarist David Bedford - plus Henry Duff Lowe - son of John! played at Soundwerk in Fellbach near Stuttgart in Germany. On the same bill was Germany’s most famous Rock ‘n’ Roll band, The Rattles, who started in Hamburg in 1960. During the afternoon we visited the Weinfest at Waiblingen where Markus Sauber, the owner of Soundland, and his band “Rewind” were playing. We even got to play a couple of number here!

Soundland is a great venue with a fantastic Rock ‘n’ Roll exhibition and we had a great evening. Thanks Markus!

Stuttgart, Germany Friday 15 September 2023

Stutt C
Stutt D

Left: Picking at the Weinfest

Stutt A

Above: With Markus, the boss of Soundland

Left: In the exhibition at Soundland

Bristol Ad 1
Bristol Ad 2

Redgrave Theatre, Bristol, Sat 22 July 2023

Colin and Rod were interviewed by Billy Bragg at the Redgrave Theatre, Bristol. A few years ago the Quarrymen took part in Billy’s tv documentary all about the Rock Island Line, and of course, his book, “Roots Radicals and Rockers - How Skiffle Changed the World” is the most interesting and authoritative work on the subject. It makes a change to be interviewed by someone who knows more about skiffle than we do!

At 8pm we were joined on bass by an old friend from the Four Pennies, Mike Wilsh, who played with the Quarrymen in 2016 at the Bristol Thunderbolt. Mike also played keyboards on a couple of the Four Pennies hits, “Until it’s time for you to go” and “Juliet”. Also joining us on keyboards was Henry Duff Lowe, son of John, who played on the Percy Phillips’ recording session of “In spite of all the danger” and “That’ll be the day”. At the end of our set Billy joined us in stage for a reprise of “Rock Island Line”, for which he supplied some very original lyrics!. During our skiffle numbers several members of the audience joined us on Tea-chest bass and Washboard!

Halle Beatles Museum & Cottbus Town Festival 17/18 June

Colin and Rod, plus guest bassist David Bedford flCottbusew to Leipzig in Germany where they were met by their friends from Hannover, Wolfgang and Andrea, Alfred and Ilona, and were driven to the fantastic Beatles Museum in the town of Halle. There they enjoyed an interview and Q & A session with an enthusiastic  group of Beatles fans, before driving off to Cottbus where they were due to appear at the Town Festival next day.

The whole town was in festive mood as only German towns can do it. There were fairgrounds, beer tents and food stalls filling the streets around the town centre. We were due to play mid afternoon on an open air stage as part of the day’s entertainment, which started with a fabulous brass band and continued with singers and a gymnastic display. Something for everyone! It was a very hot afternoon and the sun was shining directly on to us on the stage, so after playing a one hour set to an audience who were mostly sitting in the shade, except for a lively group in front of us, we were delighted to be able to get outside of a couple of large glasses of nice cool beer. Afterwards David and Rod were persuaded so sing some more songs for a group of friends in a much shadier place, nonetheless accompanied by a couple more beers. Our thanks go to Marko for organising this great gig for us .

Colin, Len Rod and guest bassist David Bedford were invited to Strawberry Field to inaugurate their new bandstand which was donated by Orange Amplification. It wasn’t the official opening, which was due to take place in a few weeks’ time, but who’s counting! Before we played our set we were interviewed by Craig Charles - of Red Dwarf fame - for a piece which concentrated on Liverpool musicians, pas, present and future, which was screened on the One Show the day before the Eurovision finals.

Strawberry Field, Sat 16 April 2023


In 2000 it was all arranged for Rod Davis to go over to Ireland and give his musical talk about the development of Skiffle music and the early days of the Quarrymen, but sadly Covid put a stop to all that. But  in 2023 it actually happened, so Rod was able to meet some of the many Beatles fans over there and see a lot more of Ireland into the bargain.

At the end of the tour, organiser Paddy Fogarty hosted a great party in Dublin, which was a fine conclusion to a great ttrip. Many thanks, Paddy!

Cork, Galway and Dundalk - April 2023

Poster 2

John Duff Lowe’s CD, “Open for Engagements” is now available on Itunes, Apple Music and Spotify!

Duff’s CD now on Spotify!

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