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UPDATED June 2017

Old Quarrymen Photos:

There are several photographs of the Quarrymen dating from the 1950s, all of which are still copyright. For use of any of these photographs in books, film or tv productions there will be reproduction fees payable. It is also possible to purchase copies for your own collection without reproduction rights.

Rosebery 2 imp B retouched
Geoff 100
m Truck L to R Pete Shotton, Eric Griffiths, Len Garry, John Lennon, Colin Hanton, Rod Davis BW
Clubmoor 300dpi

There are three photos from this day when the Quarrymen played at a party in Rosebery Street on Sat 22 June 1957. They were taken by Charles Roberts who still owns the copyright.

This is the famous photo of John & the Quarrymen at St. Peter’s Church Fete on 6 July 1957. It was taken by Geoff Rhind who still owns the copyright.

This photo of John & the Quarrymen during the procession round Woolton village on 6 July 1957, a couple of hours before Geoff Rhind’s photo, was. taken by James Davis, whose son Rod was the banjo player in the group and who still owns the copyright.

This photo of John, Paul & the Quarrymen playing at New Clubmoor Hall in late 1957, was taken by Lesley Kearney and the copyright is now owned by the Quarrymen.